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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'd like to welcome and thank Jillian for being a guest blogger this week! I have been stalking her blog for a while and had to have her join in this week of fun! I hope that you'll visit her blog and maybe even become a follower :)

Hi Friends of Mrs. Stanford!  I'm so excited to be sharing one of my latest posts with y'all as a "Guest Blogger" over here!  Hope the idea is inspiring and hope you click on over to visit other fun ideas like this one on my blog:

Now, read on to learn about my latest fun project from my June 14 Post!

I don't know about you all, but I have SO many random books in my classroom library.  And believe me, I'm NOT complaining!  I LOVE having such a wide assortment for my kiddos to choose from.  My only problem, though, is that they come from so many random places.  Most of my books are second-hand & used, so most of the time, they have someone else's name written in them.  :(
BUT, that's no problem for me, once I get going!  My solution, you may ask?  Making my own sticky labels to cover up other names and to put my name on!  Gets 2 birds with one stone!  :)
So here's a quick little break down of my project from the past few days:
Supply List:
  1. Color Printer
  2. Full Page Shipping Labels (I used Staples' "White Shipping Labels", compatible with Avery #5165)
  3. ek Tools "Flourish Square Large Punch" (item #54-30077.  I purchased mine from Michael's)
Now, I created a few different, fun templates in Word to print out!
So, now, here are the "official" directions:
Step 1- Fill in name on each label.
Step 2- PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  I can't tell you how many "test sheets" i printed out to make sure that all the sizing was correct and the words were exactly where I wanted them!  (And, as a side note, I sent the file to my teammate, and when she printed it, things were a little bit "off", too!  So it just shows you that every computer and printer are different!)
Step 3-  Practice punching!  I flipped the punch over, so I could see exactly what I was punching out.  It took me a few tries to get it perfectly punched and to learn how the punch works!
Step 4- Now, I loaded the labels and printed one sheet at a time.
Step 5- I punched out the labels...CAREFULLY! :)
Step 6- I just peeled and stuck them in my books!  Easy as pie!  :)

Now, just comes the part of sticking them into all my books!  I'm probably going to have to budget a few hours this summer to go up to school and stick away!  Maybe I can even "con" a few friends to help out one evening.........hmm.......
Hope you all enjoy them as much as I am!  Mine are turning out so great!

Thanks again Jillian! I truly appreciate it and can't wait to make my own labels :)
Don't forget to stop in tomorrow for Arlene from LMN Tree!

Ummm... I hope you didn't forget that I love your love aka comments!!


Katie said...

ooo I love this idea!! I need to get one of those punches!

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Primary Possibilities said...

I HAVE to find one of those punches and do this. I am going to do this for my personal items that we have to label. Another summer project!

Sarah Hankinson said...

Cute! Thanks for the great idea!

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