Earn TpT Credits!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Want to get paid for leaving comments on TpT? Well you sort of can!

So like I said, go to your account now and start commenting on everything you have ever bought!! (well that is if you are a procrastinator hehe)

Also, start filling your cart or wishlist with all you've ever wanted! Why not? You're getting more for your money :)


Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing this Jessica! I didn't notice it either...I knew that TN had been doing it for a while and always wondered why TPT didn't!


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Lisa R. said...

Thanks for letting people know about that! I've had some people not leave feedback on their purchases because they didn't know about this, and I like to know what people think about my product. With TPT, it's a win-win situation... I get the feedback for my product & the purchaser gets credits toward future purchases. :)
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Teaching Little Miracles said...

Thanks for sharing this-good to know.

Rose said...

I loved this when they started giving points for credit. The first month I had enough credits ($30.00) to pay for everything I was purchasing. It is definitely worth the time to make those comments.


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Sue said...

Thanks for sharing this...not only do you earn something but it is nice to leave some feedback as well. Everyone likes feedback. :)


Amber O. said...

I can''t believe people aren't already doing this!! I LOVE to cash in my TpT credits:) and I would think sellers would love the feedback as well (well, most of the time...). Jessica, you are such an inspiration that I would be honored if you would stop by my brand-new "baby" blog and tell me what you think!

Just Wild About Teaching said...

ahh didnt know this...thanks girl =)


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