Weekly Spelling Practice

Friday, September 21, 2012
It's been a while since I uploaded something to TpT so I decided to cutsie up my spelling packet and put it up there for y'all! Here are some previews...

(and if you love it, I'd love some pins :] )

Each Monday for homework I have my students write their words 3 times each while saying the word. Students get acquainted with the look and feel of each word. 
 Tuesdays I have them alphabetize their spelling list. This starts their dictionary skills and teaches them not to practice their list in order. (You've had those kids that can only ace the test if you give them in the order they were listed right??)
 Wednesdays I like for them to create a sentence for each and every spelling word. At the beginning of the year I encourage help, but as the year progresses they become more and more independent! 

 Thursdays I like for them to take a practice test and practice any words they miss in preparation for the test the next day.
 I created their tests to be small so that I could save paper! 

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Primary Possibilities said...

I like the idea of having 2 tests to be printed on each page. It saves a lot of paper. Stephanie

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