Blogging 101: How to Create a Blog Button

Friday, March 29, 2013
Now that I've taught you the major basics of blogging let's get a little more tricky! After getting the hang of my blog I wanted to start making it truly my own! That's when creation started. Today I'd like to show you how to create your own blog button or header (found above) by using powerpoint!

Day 1: Creating an Account {here}.
Day 2: Cutifying that blog with a template {here}.
Day 3: Adding Pages {here}
Day 4: All About Posts {here}
Day 5: Creating a Link to Your Blog in a Comment {here}
Day 6: How to Create a Blog Button

Now for the video tutorial:



Ashley M said...

Hmm, when you said blog button I thought you meant like the button you have on your left hand side, not the actual header. Regardless, great tutorial! I've been following your posts this week just to see if I forget any newbie tips to add to my blog :)

kinder-gardening said...

Thank you for today's lesson on making a header! Mine is hand drawn and very homespun-looking. I am very insecure about it and now I can make some changes. Thanks again!

Juliesnotebook said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials!!!

Juliesnotebook said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials!!!

Anonymous said...

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