Butterfly Life Cycle

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
May I just start off by saying...
AHHHHHHHH what a wonderful feeling spring break brings a teacher! Just the thought of those two words makes you feel like you've received a spa day on a beach with a drink in your hand....
okay okay maybe we aren't that lucky. I mean for goodness sakes we are teachers, not brain surgeons right?!

Anywhooooooo, I'm enjoying my spring break and I hope anyone else that is off is too!

Well if you're a teacher you know that you can NEVER shut teacher mode off, so while I was on the airplane I created this little ditty! 

It contains 51 pages of common core goodness, wrapped in a chrysalis of love :) 

I hope that you will click the pin to share :)

In this Butterfly Life Cycle Unit you will be supplied with:

- 7 Vocabulary Cards 
which I use for my anchor charts, word wall, bulletin boards, pocket charts, and on a ring to review daily
- a mini book
that you can send home with each child to share their new knowledge with family
- student writing book
to help students transfer what they have learned into writing
- writing rubric
to help students grade what they have wrote
- 2 page metamorphosis poster 
to hang in the classroom or bulletin board for reference
- file folder game
to laminate and keep in an independent area or even send home for some homework fun!
- memory game
a fun way to bring learning to recess or free choice times
- vocabulary puzzle
another fun way to bring the theme into recess or free time
- KWL chart and brainstorming clouds
an easy and fun way to collect data on prior knowledge, wanted knowledge, and gained knowledge (individual and group based sheets)
- can, have, are chart and brainstorming clouds
another great individual activity to gain insight on what your students have learned
- metamorphosis cut and paste
corresponds with the metamorphosis poster and file folder game. Can be used as an assessment!
- metamorphosis labeling
corresponds with the metamorphosis poster. Can be used as an assessment!


Blogging 101: Adding a Signature

Monday, April 1, 2013
While we are on the roll of creating images using powerpoint for things on our blog, why don't we make a cute signature image??

Day 1: Creating an Account {here}.
Day 2: Cutifying that blog with a template {here}.
Day 3: Adding Pages {here}
Day 4: All About Posts {here}
Day 5: Creating a Link to Your Blog in a Comment {here}
Day 6: How to Create a Blog Button {here}
Day 7: Create a Grab My Button {here}
Day 8: Create Media Buttons {here}
Day 9: Adding a Signature

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