Back to School: Day 1

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Boy am I beat!!! Actually I came home and fell asleep for about 3 hours... Ooooopsies! It definitely was a draining day, but what first day isn't?? My cutie patooties looked absolutely adorable as they walked in the door as big first graders and they are as excited for this year as their teacher is. 

Thanks Teeny Tiny Teacher for the idea! The kids loved this little photobooth and I can't wait to make the wall of fame in our hall. 

Not looking forward to this avalanche in the morning. It's a blessing to have supplies for the youngsters, but lack of storage makes it hard! 

Crazy right?!? Little did I ever think that my little blog that started a year and a half ago would make it this far. I have you to thank for that!!!

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I hope you are settling into your classrooms and enjoying the beginning of the year! What is your go to 'therapy' for yourself in these first stressful weeks???


Unknown said...

Your first day banner is precious :) Cheers to surviving the first day, my friend!

The Learning Tree

Annie said...

Ha! The supplies! The best and worst part of the beginning of school! I didn't allow myself to leave yesterday until they were put away. Enjoy day 2!
Three Cheers for First Grade!

The Math Maniac said...

There is nothing like a fresh pile of school supplies. Congratulations on getting a three hour nap! That will make the rest of your week easier :)

The Math Maniac

Mrs. Leeby said...

You have the luckiest kiddos in the world!
Learning With Mrs. Leeby

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