Five for Friday: Getting Back to it Style!

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's been an exciting week here at the Stanford household (maternity leave has been treating me well)


Do You Love Mailbox Magazine??

Friday, August 29, 2014
The Mailbox is by far my favorite teacher resource and it is absolutely endless. If you are anything like me you have used them for years! In my 8 years of teaching (and the stock up period prior to that) I have acquired years of magazines, yearbooks, centers, file folders, and so forth from them. I wouldn't give up those resources for ANYTHING!

So when my dear friends at The Mailbox contacted me about the #BeTheDifference campaign I jumped on the opportunity as quickly as possible! 

The Mailbox is asking us to be the difference in the world of education to make a change! They are interested in what YOU are doing in your classroom and with your kids to make a difference!

What are you doing this year to #BeTheDifference in your students' lives?
What activities are you planning?
The Mailbox would love to know! Make sure to stop by their {Facebook} page, click on the #BeTheDifference Sweepstakes tab, and enter to win a macbook air, a mini iPad, $500 Visa gift card, or a free year of Gold Membership over at The Mailbox before Sept 5!

On top of all of that the amazing people at The Mailbox are letting me give away FREE gold memberships to 10 followers!!! But act fast because this giveaway ends August 30th at Midnight EST. That gives you a little over 24 hours to enter this rafflecopter! Winners will be contacted by the amazing friends at The Mailbox about their winnings!!!
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This was our last week without kiddos! They will arrive promptly at 7:45 on Tuesday and I can't wait to start a new year with my adorable kinders! (I'm just praying for cool temperatures because our building doesn't have air, eeeeeeek)

Before the school year started we figured we should finish the nursery. Okay, okay, maybe it was a tad bit of nesting and a ton bit of an amazing hubby, but it's ready for our little bundle :)

or should I say large bundle?! With gestational diabetes and now insulin I am heading to the doc twice a week to be hooked up to this bad boy. Great way to start off the school year right? Do you see those contractions!? October... October... October... 

The hubby and I went to our last country concert prior to being mommy and daddy. The baby loved it, but my ankles sure didn't!

and finally we got to see this gorgeous face in true dimension! We aren't finding out the sex, but after seeing this picture I will truly be shocked if it isn't a boy!! What do you think!?

Meet the Teacher {LINKY}

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Hey yall! My name is Jessica. I'm a 29 year old wife of a fireman, teacher of kindergarteners, and mommy-to-be. This is my 7th year teaching and I'm so excited to be back in kindergarten.The past two years I taught in a 1st grade class, and it wasn't that I hated it, but kindergarten has my heart. 


Breezing Through Back to School: Classroom Management

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Hey y'all it's that time again! Can you believe it!? As much as I'm excited for this new year, I'm also dragging my feet because I love my summer!! With back to school right around the corner (or for some it's already here) the sweet Ashley of The Teacher's Treasure Chest set up this adorable blog hop to help you find numerous tips and tricks in a one stop shop. 

What Decor Are You Going With?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Before we know it we will be decorating those classrooms again....

 to make it easier on myself I have planned on going with the set I used last year.
 It was nice to have my rules, alpha line, word wall, number line, shapes, colors, months, days, weather, jobs, table numbers, clip chart, and more all the same theme... 

that all matched my favorite rug btw...

What decor are you going with this year?!


Techie Tuesday Tip: Get Notifications from Facebook Fan Pages

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
I am so excited to share my first Techie Tuesday Tip with y'all! If you're anything like me you might constantly be on fb... You know even if you really didn't mean to get on it when you grabbed your phone... It's like a mental magnet! Anywhoooooooooo...
This tip will help you stay in the know about your favorite fan pages!


Monday Made It: Baby Style

Monday, July 14, 2014
It's my first #MondayMadeIt....
Here goes nothing!

With my school's staff heading back this week I've been in high gear trying to get as much done in our nursery as possible. We have finally finished our registries at BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us and now we are just waiting to celebrate with all our family and friends!

We have a ton of clothing already, so I thought I'd go into teacher organizing tub mode and this is what I came up with....

I purchased 6 tubs that would fit in the top of the baby's closet, but of course they needed coordinating labels right?!
I created these in powerpoint just like I would a Teachers Pay Teachers product, printed them on card stock, cut them out, and taped them to the inside of the clear tubs. 
Aren't they cutsie??? We have a tiny closet in the babies room and this will help us rotate in and out clothes that are appropriate size :)
 I then of course had to sort through all the clothes that we had just laid everywhere in the nursery and much to my surprise we had tons in a few sizes and none in the others!
 See what I mean here with the 0-3 that they grow out of so quickly?! All in all it helped us visualize what we actually needed! and the closet isn't looking to shabby now either!

If you'd like to snag these labels for free:


Do You Follow Me on YouTube?

Saturday, July 12, 2014
I have to apologize for my absence lately! In effort to stay on top of things I have scheduled many FB posts, Blog posts, and YouTube videos over the next couple of months! Make sure that you are following all three to not miss out on freebies, tips, tricks, and sales!
If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel feel free to {click here} and find the red subscribe button to the right :)

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Five for Friday {Linky Party... July 11}

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday: No More Secrets Style!

Friday, May 2, 2014

As the school year is winding down (19 days left woot woot!) I have been trying to keep my kids involved in their lessons with fun treats and exciting new tools. They loved using Fruit Loops for math! What all have you used them for in your class??

 Totally stoked to find out about these handy dandy little guys. Only a teacher would understand my excitement about a marker. Planning on stocking up over the summer on these to use as highlighters over sheet covers! Simple comprehension tool! What else could we use them for?!

Our experiments are finally blooming! I can't wait to write a blog post about our 3 experiments and their success/epic fails :)

Annabelle and I have been catching up on a little reading this week. 

That's right! We are FINALLY pregnant and 17 weeks pregnant at that :) Couldn't be happier or more excited!
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