Five for Friday: No More Secrets Style!

Friday, May 2, 2014

As the school year is winding down (19 days left woot woot!) I have been trying to keep my kids involved in their lessons with fun treats and exciting new tools. They loved using Fruit Loops for math! What all have you used them for in your class??

 Totally stoked to find out about these handy dandy little guys. Only a teacher would understand my excitement about a marker. Planning on stocking up over the summer on these to use as highlighters over sheet covers! Simple comprehension tool! What else could we use them for?!

Our experiments are finally blooming! I can't wait to write a blog post about our 3 experiments and their success/epic fails :)

Annabelle and I have been catching up on a little reading this week. 

That's right! We are FINALLY pregnant and 17 weeks pregnant at that :) Couldn't be happier or more excited!
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