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Sunday, August 10, 2014
Hey y'all it's that time again! Can you believe it!? As much as I'm excited for this new year, I'm also dragging my feet because I love my summer!! With back to school right around the corner (or for some it's already here) the sweet Ashley of The Teacher's Treasure Chest set up this adorable blog hop to help you find numerous tips and tricks in a one stop shop. 

When it comes to my classroom management I have tried it all. I'll never forget those days of a first year teacher with dreams a mile high, only to be shattered to the ground when my plan of gold was flawed or thrown out the window. I will say, if you are a first year teacher or someone that's looking for advice with classroom management, there is no one size fits all secret or program to classroom management. It's all about what fits you or your students. Also, you must keep in mind that NOTHING will work for every sweetie in your room. You are going to have to brainstorm, tweak, discuss, and tweak some more! With that being said I'd like to show you what I do in my room that has actually clicked with the kiddos and seems to work with 99.9% of my class. 

Now I know you have seen the "throw out your clip chart" posts on blogs and pinterest this summer, but hear me out. I love my clip chart and I truly know that my students love it too. If I'm gone for the day and the sub doesn't use it, they are eager to tell me in the morning that they had a stellar day and the sub didn't move them up. I've even had a few come to confess that they could have done better and really should have moved their clip down the day before. The clips help them take responsibility for their actions. 

Now once again, hear me out. You can't just move your students' clips up and down. There has to be acknowledgement of the behavior, whether positive or negative. Remind the student of the rule they are following or breaking and tell them how that makes you or the class feel. Ask them how it makes them feel. Also, hold them accountable!

My daily tracking sheet asks them to fill out where their clip lands at the end of any given day and asks for their parent signature. I ask parents at open house and conferences to not only sign the chart, but to discuss their child's behavior with them. 

 I also like to give rewards for doing the right thing. I know not everyone believe that this should happen, but you and I get paid for doing our work don't we? I'm not saying buy the students an xbox for lining up, I'm saying small rewards (even a shout out) for achievements. This also goes back to every student is different. Remember some students might need a verbal praise from you for getting in line at your first request, but as soon as they get the hang of it slowly, but surely lengthen the time between praises. 

I use these name tags to keep track of positive behavior. Some students may get to cross out a student each time they do what they are asked, some may get to cross one out for getting to the top of the chart. It's all about the kiddo and the goals they create with you. As much as you need to stay consistent, it's also about staying fresh and keeping them on their toes! Some days I give them an extra cross out for being the first to their seat and to work in the morning or for having 5 problems done before the bell. Keep it fun!
(students cross out the kiddos with a vis a vis marker -the wet erase kind- so that we can just wipe off with a wipey as soon as they are all crossed out) I also make rewards fun and simple and mostly free... name on the announcements, a call home, lunch with the teacher, free homework pass, 10 extra minutes on the computer, help another teacher, and so on. 

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Also be sure to check out A Modern Teacher's Management Tools For Teachers: 

 Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll visit my friend Vickie over at Primary Press!!!


Miss Squirrels said...

Love the colors on the name tags and the tracking sheet for the chart is a great idea!!!
Go Nutty with Me!

Lori Rosenberg said...

I LOVE the clip chart too!

Jenn Ayers said...

Have a great year!! I love those name plates!

Cupcake said...

I still enjoy the clip chart! It has really worked with my kiddos!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Michelle said...

I love the nameplates. They are so colorful! Have a super year!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I'm right there with 'ya on the clip charts. I use one and love it!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

I still love how you used your rug to match your class!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Amanda Kendall said...

I love this management system too. It's amazing how you can turn a kiddos day around by telling them to clip back up for something good. I'm moving to a new school and was thrilled to find out they use it too! It's so easy to assimilate when you already do the same thing. :)

The Teaching Thief

Nicole Heinlein said...

I love how you use the nametags as a personal behavior plan! Great idea!

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