Do You Love Mailbox Magazine??

Friday, August 29, 2014
The Mailbox is by far my favorite teacher resource and it is absolutely endless. If you are anything like me you have used them for years! In my 8 years of teaching (and the stock up period prior to that) I have acquired years of magazines, yearbooks, centers, file folders, and so forth from them. I wouldn't give up those resources for ANYTHING!

So when my dear friends at The Mailbox contacted me about the #BeTheDifference campaign I jumped on the opportunity as quickly as possible! 

The Mailbox is asking us to be the difference in the world of education to make a change! They are interested in what YOU are doing in your classroom and with your kids to make a difference!

What are you doing this year to #BeTheDifference in your students' lives?
What activities are you planning?
The Mailbox would love to know! Make sure to stop by their {Facebook} page, click on the #BeTheDifference Sweepstakes tab, and enter to win a macbook air, a mini iPad, $500 Visa gift card, or a free year of Gold Membership over at The Mailbox before Sept 5!

On top of all of that the amazing people at The Mailbox are letting me give away FREE gold memberships to 10 followers!!! But act fast because this giveaway ends August 30th at Midnight EST. That gives you a little over 24 hours to enter this rafflecopter! Winners will be contacted by the amazing friends at The Mailbox about their winnings!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This was our last week without kiddos! They will arrive promptly at 7:45 on Tuesday and I can't wait to start a new year with my adorable kinders! (I'm just praying for cool temperatures because our building doesn't have air, eeeeeeek)

Before the school year started we figured we should finish the nursery. Okay, okay, maybe it was a tad bit of nesting and a ton bit of an amazing hubby, but it's ready for our little bundle :)

or should I say large bundle?! With gestational diabetes and now insulin I am heading to the doc twice a week to be hooked up to this bad boy. Great way to start off the school year right? Do you see those contractions!? October... October... October... 

The hubby and I went to our last country concert prior to being mommy and daddy. The baby loved it, but my ankles sure didn't!

and finally we got to see this gorgeous face in true dimension! We aren't finding out the sex, but after seeing this picture I will truly be shocked if it isn't a boy!! What do you think!?


Jen R said...

i entered.... crossing fingers and toes! :)

Unknown said...

The schoolyear has already started and I can see how classrooms came to life again. You're on the last trimester of your pregnancy and hope you're doing well. Can't really tell if you're having a boy or girl. I'm looking forward to seeing your updates!

Unknown said...

I am so glad I found your blog! You have the most adorable ideas on here! Thanks for sharing!


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