A-Z Animal Craftivities and Writing Prompts

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Here we are again. It's Wednesday and another Hump Day Highlight! I hope you'll not only check out what we are up to in my classroom, but you'll link up to show us what you are up to in yours!

Tomorrow for Dr. Seuss Week we are celebrating "Oh, the Places You'll Go" and "Put Me in the Zoo"! Students are dressing as what they want to be when they grow up, so why not pull out our Zoo Keeper Applications and Animal Craftivities??

I love this activity each year because the kiddos get so into them and it's easy to differentiate! With 26 animals and numerous activities for each, I am always able to find something that spikes each child's interest.  

Unit Includes {per animal}: 
Animal Templates for Craftivity  
Zoo Keeper Application 
Guess My Animal Activity 
If I were a _______ I would... 
If I owned a _______ I would... 
Non-fiction animal fact sheet for research 
Animals sold bundled or separately:

Find the bundle and the individual animals for 20% off today!
So tell me, what are you doing this week?



Mrs. Spangler in the Middle said...

This week we had our big state writing test! Now that this is over, we need to decompress a bit and try to re-focus for the next big test. :)

Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Leanna said...

The animals are SO cute! Makes me miss being in primary. Happy March :)

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