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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As the year is coming to a close, I've been looking at my classroom organization, management, and how I'd like to adjust it for next year. Over all my class pretty much runs itself, with consistency and set expectation I've come to enjoy routine. There is one thing that still drives me batty each day. TECHNOLOGY. 

Let me preface by saying that I love technology in the classroom, but our chromebook situation is driving me crazy! My students are rotating in and out of a technology station for each subject each day. With the chromebooks I am constantly typing the web addresses on the board or simply excruciatingly typing it for each kiddo. So the other day I came up with this idea...

These simple tents make computer time easy peasy! Teachers can choose what tents to put out each day to inform the students of the sites they are permitted to be on. For teachers with chromebooks, or teachers without the ability to create shortcuts on their computers, website addresses are printed at the bottom of each tent for students to easily type into the navigation bar.
I laminated mine to make them more durable and voila!
 16 Kid friendly, educational, and FREE websites are listed. If you have any additional FREE website ideas leave them in the comments!! 
Grab yours {here} for FREE! 
Feedback on TPT appreciated!


Melinda said... is a great website, especially for math!

Grade School Giggles said...

Those are a great idea. Thanks for sharing them.
Grade School Giggles

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