Stanford Fonts are Growing!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm so excited to share with you that Stanford Fonts are now available as a growing bundle. 

As we speak, the growing bundle contains 15 volumes of 10 fonts each. That's 150 fonts to choose from! Each font volume is sold seperately or the growing font bundle provides you with all current and future Stanford fonts! (Currently 150 fonts! Purchasing today means you will get subsequent volumes for free just by updating your file through tpt! The price will increase with each subsequent volume, so buy today to lock in this price!

-You may use my fonts to create personal or commercial 
products and/or freebies. Credit is greatly appreciated.

-You may use my fonts to create blog 
and website components with credit.

-You may not resell, redistribute, or 
claim these fonts as your own!

Please contact me with any questions of the 

proper use or further licensing options.   
The Growing Bundle
Vol. 1♥ 

Vol. 2♥ 

Vol. 3♥ 

Vol. 4♥ 

Vol. 5♥ 

Vol. 6♥ 

Vol. 7♥ 

Vol. 8♥ 

Vol. 9♥ 

Vol. 10♥ 

Vol. 11♥ 

Vol. 12♥ 

Vol. 13♥ 

Vol. 14♥ 

Vol. 15
Font Submission Form - Have a FREE Font Made for You!



Christy said...

Thanks SO much for the freebies! I can not wait to use them!
By the way, you are one of my fav bloggers! Hope your family has a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

lorena said...

Thank you!!! :)

Kindergardian said...

Love the fonts! Thanks so much!

Ms. Hoag said...

Reading this at Starbucks... how appropriate!

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