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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ok, so.... After many shoulders cried on, many emails, calls, and texts to everyone I know, and many MANY 'therapy sessions' with my close friends this weekend.... I'm putting on my big girl pants and MOVING ON! Well... by moving on I mean moving up! (if you have no idea what I'm talking about click {here}

Yes, I still feel like they are moving me while I'm kicking and screaming, but I'm going to make the best of it, and be the best I can be! Not to mention I'll have a lot to blog about right?

Speaking of! You are amazing! The floods and floods of emails I received with stories, encouragement, first grade units, and gifts made me feel amazing! You are the best!!! (why am I just now getting into the bloggy world? and to think some of my coworkers make fun of me for it)

Now that my 'big girl' pants are on, I'm ready to go! I apologize in advance... I still want to create those thematic units, but they might take longer than I thought now that I have to REDO my life lol

Don't forget to comment on my most recent post on Mrs. Stanford's Class FB Page I'm asking everyone to post their blog, FB, TpT, and Pinterest links so that I can make sure to follow you :) Not to mention you can find other amazing people too!!

Thanks to all of you that joined my giveaway! Little did I know that almost 300 was going to turn into almost 400!!! So now, *drum roll please* I'm planning a spectacular 500 giveaway :) (I know I said 400, but it just seemed to make sense to have a fan·tab·u·lous giveaway for 500! So if you are interested in joining the giveaway by adding a product, shoot me a quick email! Each person will get their button posted, a section for followers on my rafflecopter, and a chance for some new traffic :)
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Just Wild About Teaching said...

Awe first isnt so bad i promise! Id lve to be apart of your giveaway email me at

Anonymous said...

You will be a great first grade teacher! Your students will be so blessed to have you as a teacher! :)

Delighted in Second

Lisa R. said...

I am happy to hear that everyone has been so helpful! That is what's so wonderful about blogging. I am happy to also send as many of my 1st grade files your way as you would like. I can also help with your giveaway if you want. I'm shooting you an email now!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh Jessica, if you love Kindergarten, you will love, love, love first grade. I taught K my first year, then first for sixteen years and then this past year got moved back to K. I love Kindergarten and getting those babies ready for first, but it is amazing how much more the kids can do. In my opinion, it will be just like you are continuing with your Kindergarteners. Are you going to take any of your kids with you to first?

If I can help ya, just hollar! I love Kindergarten and first, but I think you will be happy. They are still just as sweet!

Cupcake said...

First is awesome girl, you'll be fine :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Sarah Paul said...

I'm so excited that you're moving to first. You are going to LOVE It! It's such a fun age and so much progress is made with the kids. It's such a special age. :) Let me know if you need anything next year. Us first grade teachers got to stick together! :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

smoran892 said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better about movin' on up to first!! We are glad to have you :)

I would love to donate my new ice cream themed back-to-school packet I just made to your giveaway!

I am emailing you NOW!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

Sue said...

I loved teaching first grade. If fact I even asked to move up if the opportunity opens up again. You will love it!

theverybusykindergarten :)

Doodle Bugs said...

I will be glad to donate something for your giveaway! Email me!

Doodle Bugs Teaching
Doodle Bugs Paper

Angie said...

I've taught K and 1 and loved both. I've been in 1st now for 10 years! Time sure flew! I can donate too, for your giveaway, if you don't already have a ton---but it seems you do! :)

Rulin' the Roost

Sara at school said...

I'm glad you are feeling at least a bit better about your move. You seem like such a sweetie that any child (and parent!) would be so happy to have you for a teacher.

Wolfelicious said...

I would love to donate something for your giveaway!! I think you will end up loving first grade!!


Amy said...

You WILL love first grade! I taught it for 3 years after teaching K for 6 years and you'll be amazed at what they can already do at the beginning of the year compared to kinders. I'm sorry you're having to move against your will though:( I'd also be more than glad to donate something for your giveaway.

The Kindergarten Center

Unknown said...

I was just coming over to check on you when I got an email with your latest post! I'm so glad you're doing a bit better!

There are some AMAZING first grade blogs and stores on TPT so you don't have to completely start from scratch. I want to teach first so I can use their stuff!! LOL

I'd love to donate something for your giveaway(I teach second that OK?)
Hang in there, you're going to end up loving it!

Sarah said...

I student taught in first grade and absolutely fell in love with it! I agree that there is so much progress made among the kiddos, it's amazing and such a blessing to see the kids grow every day. I think you will love it :)


Amanda Madden said...

You'll love first and they will love you! I'm your newest follower and a brand new blogger. I would love for you to check out my blog -

Teaching Maddeness

Rikki said...

I would be happy to donate something too.


Amanda Madden said...

I can only imagine! I have taught 2nd grade for 14 years and *jokingly* say that if I'm ever moved, I'm just moving home! 2nd grade is my HEART! But, the great thing is we are resilient and take to change quickly. I know you will end up loving first and there's NO DOUBT those firsties will LOVE you! Hang in there...feel free to vent, cry, and pout for a bit - it's natural. You've got lots of ears on here who will listen and then give you encouragement! There's no doubt you've got amazing things in store for you as you move up.

Mrs. Rios said...

Jessica, I am so glad you are feeling a little better. Trust that this is where you are supposed to be right now.

I would love to donate something to your giveaway!

Let me know.


Heather's Heart said...

You will love 1st grade! You have oodles of people that will help if you ever need it!

I would love to be part of your giveaway too! I'll donate any 3 items from my TpT store! =)

Heather's Heart

Ms. Lopez said...

Well, I really like your positive attitude towards the grade change. When I read your post that you'd been moved, my heart went out to you. Being moved from your favorite grade level or school is really tough!!! Been there many times. I thank you for your positive attitude because I also found out I'm being moved to 1st grade and I'm really sad about that. I taught 1st before and I hated it. I don't mean to offend any 1st grade teachers. Right now I'm still throwing my tantrum but when I'm done, I'll put on my big girl pants! lol!

Coloring Outside The Lines

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