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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Ok so I planned an undercover mission.... well that fell through when I found out hubs had the day off! EEEEEK! But you know how we get when all of those deals are going on.... so I had to take him with me! (If I waited one more day the bins at Target may have been empty!! So here are my buys!!

Wowzy wow wow!!!!
Here are the Skippyjon Jones' I did not have :) <3 Kohl's! 
Found these in the dollar bin at target! I would love to have one for each kid for their pencils, but I bought red for broken pencils, green for sharpened pencils, and blue just for me :) 
TARGET!!! Love you for having cut outs, clings, boarders, and sooooo much Dr. Seuss that I was drooling! This is my room theme for next year!! So if any of you see anything anywhere let me know!! I'm going all decked out this year :) 
Some bloggy friends convinced me to buy this laminator ($27 at target!) and let me tell you.... I'M IN LOVE! The bins match the fabric I use on my bulletin boards so I think I'll use them for paper trash bins at their tables. and the chair you ask?? A cell phone seat! hehe I use my cell phone to blast Yoga tunes for my students' enjoyment all day long and I always misplace my phone! 

Ok onto the laminator! I always thought... why do I need one? We have one at school and Lakeshore is so cheap! But guess what? The one at school isn't terrific, Lakeshore is 30 minutes away on a good day and I need some things laminated at the last minute! So...... here she is... 
Simply place it in the pocket.... 
Let her warm up.... I'm waiting for the green light. 
and put her through... as you can see the pocket goes from hazy to crystal clear when heated up and the packet is THICK!! Much thicker than schools laminator! 

Now a few just for your enjoyment :)
Jake wanted to join the photo shoot! 
I had many requests for more Zoey pics so I found this on my husband's camera card :) 
 and this one... I wish we were still there! *sigh*

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What are your fabulous finds??
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Deborah said...

A huge CONGRATULATIONS on the laminator. You will have heaps of fun. :o)

The Paper Maid

Unknown said...

I have also thought the same thing about the laminator. I have seen several posts about them on FB. How much do they run? Are they expensive or affordable?

Unknown said...

Dr. Suess! He was my theme one year for first grade, complete with hat! I love him!

A laminator is on my wishlist. The possibilities are endless. "Oh the places you can go, oh the things you can do!" ;) Thanks for the post!
Leah @

Unknown said...

BTW, grabbed your button! ;) Thanks!
Leah @

Unknown said...

I love those baskets - would be great for my polka dot theme. The Target by me had nothing so I have to run to other Targets. Love the laminator! I have been looking for one.

Miss Jones said...

Love the laminator idea. I can't tell you how many of my fine posters and charts have been ruined by faulty laminating. Also....the plastic can never be too thick, right? ...especially with our little ones. Can you cut the items out too?

Cecilia said...

I have ordered Dr. Seuss items from Oriental Trading.

Melissa said...

I have this same laminator and love it. There's been so many times I've thrown things in it last minute. It especially comes in handy to laminate special student projects for display. I get my pouches from Costco where they're in the range of $15 for 100 of the 9x12 pouches. I use 2-3 boxes a year.

Brandi said...

I ordered that laminator from Amazon and it's supposed to be here tomorrow! Can't wait!

Success in Second Grade

Karlie said...

Just went to Target yesterday and resisted buying all the Dr. Seuss stuff and a random ceramic owl. I was very proud of my stuff. (I didn't want to have to move it in my big move across the state in the next 2 weeks.) BUT I did get some of those erasers to use as counters, and a divider container to put some word work things in so I can just take a tray and hand it to a kid, since I usually work in small groups or one on one with kids. It's funny seeing others buy the stuff I just looked at;)

We are ALL Special!

Sarah Hankinson said...

LOVE the dollar section at Target! I bought all of my plastic bins from there to organize my bags of activity cards. (I have pictures of them on my blog.)

Going to have to check out the laminator - so many times I've wanted to do something at home. Where did you find yours?

Learning is for Superstars

Lana said...

I have always wanted a laminator!! Looks like it works great!

Pam said...

I so agree about the laminator at home! I just purchased one this summer, and LOVE it! I got mine at Walmart (Scotch brand), for about $26, can't remember exactly how much right this moment, but it was less than $30! I get my laminating pouches at Sam's Club for $20. It is a box of 200! Great deal! The brand is Royal Sovereign. Our laminator at school does not work well either. Right now, it is out of film, and has been even before we got out of school in May. I don't think the principal plans on buying any more film either. So-- I definitely recommend getting a laminator for your personal items.

Ginger Snaps said...

You got some great stuff Jessica! We had an "Oh the Places You'll Go" theme a few years ago. I have some cute stuff if you need anything!

Keeping Up With First Grade said...

Great finds! Glad to see your Dr. Seuss theme coming together.

P.s. The pic of you and Chris on your cruise is gorgeous! :) haha

Unknown said...

I love that laminator! I get the most amazing deal on laminating sheets. Google "LTD Commondities" and click on their home page. Look up laminating sheets/laminator. They have the best deal, for $4.95 you get 100 sheets! There is an assortment of business card, 4x8, and 8x11 sheets. I hope that you find it useful! I often end up ordering four or five packs at a time! Happy Laminating!

twilliams said...

Man!! I need to get to Target My family so will not go with me because I take too long! Can you believe it?!! You have convinced me, I need a laminator! HeeHee


2nd Grade Pig Pen

Unknown said...

You will love using your laminator. I have the same one. I bought it 5 years ago and have gotten so much use out of it.

The laminating pouches I usually buy from one of those school supply catalogs that we get at school. Usually they are much cheaper that way.

Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

Amanda Madden said...

AGHHHH!!! You mean I have to go back to Target tomorrow?? ;) I've been talking myself out of one of those laminators for a while now, but I think you just talked me into getting one! :) You got some great stuff there, girlie!

Teaching Maddeness

Molly N. Pray, Live, Learn, Change, Grow said...

Ha! Just blogged about this yesterday!!!!!!!!!! You have GOT to check it out! I don't really have any followers yet. (You are one of 3.)

Lili said...

I have the same laminator and I reallllllllyyyyy love it, enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

Hey girl- I started my first linky party for great finds like this! You should come over and link up!

Headed to Kohls tomorrow :)

The Learning Tree

Dray said...

Wow! You made some great finds! I LOVE the Target Dollar section, but mine hasn't gotten all of that great Dr. Seuss stuff yet! I think a Dr. Seuss theme will be super cute! :)


Erica said...

HI Jessica,
I have that laminator too and I love it. I wanted to tell you that Sam's Club has pouches for it - 200 for $20. A lot cheaper than the ones at Target and Walmart.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Kelly said...

I have the same laminator and I love, love, love it! Life saver for sure!

I am your newest follower following from Polka Dots and Pencils :)

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