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Sunday, November 4, 2012
So now that the secret is out I can tell you all about it!!!
Paul contacted me late Monday night asking me for information for the newsletter. Being that I was cringing from the sound of high winds bending the huge oak tree in front of my house, I had to pinch myself because I thought I was dreaming. First a hurricane hits Cleveland?!? Then Paul Edelman is emailing me to be featured in the newsletter?!? Pure craziness! Once I pinched myself and realized this was real, I dropped my MacBook (sorry lil guy) and started jumping and squealing in our living room. Did I forget to mention hubs was snoozing, shot off the couch thinking the tree fell, and then proceeded to be upset with me because I gave him a heart attack? He was so excited when he calmed down enough to hear my explanation. And still, six days later it hasn't sunk in yet :)

It does make me think of how this all started though. Back in February I found tpt and decided, 'hey I can do that!' I prettied up a few things I've made in my classroom and posted them. I was a little distraught when a week went by with no sales. After talking to some amazing tpt teachers I found out that blogging was the trick to get your name out there. So of course I started one. Little do you know, but I actually dreaded it! I didn't think anyone would read and look at us now!!

I am so blessed to have so many amazing followers! I can't thank you enough for all that you do! I'm so humbled by your daily comments, emails, and everything else that you bring to me! 9 short months ago I was barely starting and now I wouldn't stop for anything!! THANK YOU!!!

If you aren't following me on FB you definitely should! You missed out on numerous freebies last night! They are now new products in my TpT store :)

My fonts are only a dollar right now, but as I will be expanding the collection. I will always keep them at this product address and file. Meaning, if you download now for a dollar, you will always be able to get the future fonts for no price at all! You'll just have to go back into your TpT account and download the updated file! Perks of being one of the first ones to download! I already have 2 more that need added :)

I've been dying to update my raggedy word wall and what better way?! Using my new digital papers I created an EDITABLE file for y'all! Meaning, if you need more words that preprimer-third grade dolch sight words, you can create more with the editable portion of this file!!!

I've also been dying to have a math (science and soc st on the way) word bank that corresponds with my word wall. This way I can have it in my math area, but it's still cohesive! And if you really wanted to you could just add the cards to your word wall. :)


Lisa Mattes said...

I was SOOOOO happy for you to be featured! You 1000% deserve it, girl! Most sincere congrats!

lorawebster said...

Congratulations! I was wondering what your big news could be, and then I opened my email this morning. That's so exciting!

Mrs. Webster’s Classroom Connections

Jessica Laurine said...

You go girl! So happy for you :)

The Littlest Scholars

Unknown said...

Congrats Jessica! I actually just posted something on the TPT forums about it. :-)

Cecilia said...

Congrats! You make wonderful stuff and deserve it.

Stacy said...

WOW Jessica that is FANTASTIC. You always share such wonderful products and have so many great ideas. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

✰ Stacy

Simpson Superstars

Storie said...

Congrats!! I had to check TpT first thing this morning to find out the big news you've been hinting about :) You are definitely an inspiration!
Stories by Storie

Halle said...


Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Sister Secrets said...

Congrats!! We're your newest follower.


Kelley Dolling said...

BOOM! So excited for you sweet friend. And, my oh my . . . you have been a VERY busy girl. Lovin' all of your new stuff!

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Congratulations girl!! This was very much deserved!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Sara at school said...

I saw you on there this morning when I looked at the newsletter. Congrats! How terrific! Sara

Mrs. Shelton said...

YAY!!!!!!! I was so happy to see your sweet face in the newsletter! Congratulations!!

Kindergarten Korner

Colleen said...

Congrats!! You are a fantastic choice for a feature in the newsletter. Your products rock... I always look forward to your latest!
Colleen :-)
Fun and Fearless in First

Primary Possibilities said...

I got your free spring papers today off of facebook! I have already used them in a freebie. They are super cute!

Congrats on the newsletter!!


Kourtney Payton said...

Congrats on being featured! I am so glad I am a follower on FB I was loving the freebies last night, especially the fonts!! :) I hope I am 1/2 as successful as you are!


Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you! You are a total inspiration to me and you are giving hope for sure. :) So glad to be following you and learning all kinds of great tips from you. Keep it up!
Cruz'n in First

vicky1970 said...

Hi Jessica,
I was so happy you were chosen for the newsletter. You deserve it! Question though, I always submit to be in on Monday nights...since you were contacted Monday night I'm thinking that is too late. What night did you submit the request? Just curious how they run it. ANyway I'm thrilled for you. Way to go. Have a blessed week.
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

Cindy Calenti said...

I am your newest follower. Found you through TpT where I am one of your biggest fans! I love your graphics. Now I'm falling in love with your blog.

Sure hope you have a chance to stop by my blog sometime real soon!

Granny Goes to School

Danielle Chacra said...

Congratulations, Jessica! Way to go!

Unknown said...

Congrats to my fellow Clevelander! That is so exciting! It is good to hear how well things have been working out for you! I am a new TpT seller. I started in October. I am a bit discouraged because I thought I would be doing a little better by now. I am hoping things turn around soon! But again, congrats! Your hard work paid off!!

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