Butterfly Life Cycle

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
May I just start off by saying...
AHHHHHHHH what a wonderful feeling spring break brings a teacher! Just the thought of those two words makes you feel like you've received a spa day on a beach with a drink in your hand....
okay okay maybe we aren't that lucky. I mean for goodness sakes we are teachers, not brain surgeons right?!

Anywhooooooo, I'm enjoying my spring break and I hope anyone else that is off is too!

Well if you're a teacher you know that you can NEVER shut teacher mode off, so while I was on the airplane I created this little ditty! 

It contains 51 pages of common core goodness, wrapped in a chrysalis of love :) 

I hope that you will click the pin to share :)

In this Butterfly Life Cycle Unit you will be supplied with:

- 7 Vocabulary Cards 
which I use for my anchor charts, word wall, bulletin boards, pocket charts, and on a ring to review daily
- a mini book
that you can send home with each child to share their new knowledge with family
- student writing book
to help students transfer what they have learned into writing
- writing rubric
to help students grade what they have wrote
- 2 page metamorphosis poster 
to hang in the classroom or bulletin board for reference
- file folder game
to laminate and keep in an independent area or even send home for some homework fun!
- memory game
a fun way to bring learning to recess or free choice times
- vocabulary puzzle
another fun way to bring the theme into recess or free time
- KWL chart and brainstorming clouds
an easy and fun way to collect data on prior knowledge, wanted knowledge, and gained knowledge (individual and group based sheets)
- can, have, are chart and brainstorming clouds
another great individual activity to gain insight on what your students have learned
- metamorphosis cut and paste
corresponds with the metamorphosis poster and file folder game. Can be used as an assessment!
- metamorphosis labeling
corresponds with the metamorphosis poster. Can be used as an assessment!


Ashley Sanderson said...

This looks great! We are also studying about the butterfly right now too! Always a big hit for the kids.

Flying High in First Grade

Unknown said...

This product looks awesome! What a cute blog you have. I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog. I am your newest follower! Check out my blog :)

The Adventures of Room 83

Unknown said...

Your butterfly life cycle packet looks fabulous! Just found your blog through The Polished Teacher's giveaway - I'm your newest follower!

Science for Kids Blog

Heidi said...

So cute :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

forkin4th said...

EVERYTHING about this unit turned out so beautiful!!

Also just stopping by as I'm always inspired by your cute creations! I would be honored if you would assist me in my upcoming giveaway I'm planning to celebrate my birthday month and gaining 200 blog followers! If you're able to contribute, please shoot me an email at rivas423@gmail.com with a snapshot of your product and/or your blog button so I can send them over to visit your page as well! Anything end-of-the-year or May-themed would be great!
Antonia @ forkin4th

Alisha Knapp said...

I just found your blog through Pinterest! This is incredible! I love how you incorporated fun games and activities in the packet too. This has so much information and is so helpful! Thanks!

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