120's Chart Puzzles

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
This week I realized how hard working with numbers is for my kiddos. I was gone for a few months this year and realize how some simple things like songs and games really help!

 My kiddos are now singing Harry Kindergarten's I Can Count to 100 song daily.

And now they are playing with my 120's Chart Puzzles!
They love them!!!! 

Some are coded with numbers to make it easier for beginners.

Some are blank for more advanced students!

Each game board has different shapes of number groups to make it a challenge and my kids are up for the challenge!!


Jenn Ayers said...

I'm loving these Hump Day Highlights. Too bad I forget hump day comes so fast!! I use these same videos and love the puzzle!

Katie Orr (Mind Sparks) said...

That looks fun and super engaging!

Mind Sparks

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