No Desk?? Say What!?!

Monday, July 16, 2012
Alright well those of you that have been following me for a while know that I am a kindergarten teacher that is being moved up to a first grade class. Now that I'm beyond the fact that I'm moving away from my love, I'm planning on how to make this the best year that it can be.

First my room is about 3/4 of what it used to be so I'm solving that problem by getting rid of anything the school will let me!

That being said... first on my list is my teacher desk. That thing is a huge stereotypical teacher desk (not the thing pictured above... my desk is no joke 5'x3.5'!) *Fingers Crossed* I hope that they let me boot that sucker! It's soooo heavy though and the problem is I'm not sure where they will put it.

Well anyway if it does leave I think I'll be fine. I have a book shelf for my manuals and I plan on making a hand dandy organizer like everyone else and their mother has been.

Other than that all I need is a space for the ancient desktop computer they supply us with... I only use it for attendance and grades... so maybe the top of the middle sized bookshelf?

I guess I can figure that out but I need your input....

Do you have a desk? If not what do you do/use?? I need all the advice I can get!

We will be voting for the most creative photo of you or a family member reading!
So here is mine :) 
My ever-so-handsome hubby reading on the job :)
I also think this is a great way to express how important reading is to your students! EVERYONE has to read at their job, not just teachers and librarians!
Thanks honey for helping me out <3


Kerri Buckner said...

I've thought about getting rid of my desk but we're pretty limited about what we can get rid of. We also have to do any getting rid of at the end of the year. I have my computer on my desk too. I let the kids use the computer for AR and other things so I don't feel too bad about keeping my desk. My teacher's assistant has a desk in my room too. That's the one I'd love to get rid of. But my husband said it wasn't nice to just get rid of someone else's desk. Good luck!
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Coming from the techy in me, find out where your port (where you connect to the network) then see where you can either (move your desk if they won't let you get rid of it) or Where you can put the dinosaur....can you use the TREX for centers...I've seen people do wonders with no desks, fingers crossed that it works out for you, I know you will do wonderful in 1st!

Randi said...

I've gotten rid of my desk before and it woked. Then I got a new one and set it up with a table next to it to work one on one with a student next to me. It worked better for me go just make my desk area more kid friendly rather than do away with it.

Classroom Ponderings said...

This is something I have thought about doing as well. My desk always ends up being a dumping ground for papers, books, bits and bobs, etc and I rarely sit at it, I usually end up sitting at the kids desks to work. I would love to hear how this works out for you.
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

TLynch said...

I taught Pre-K this past year and I did not have a desk. I had one in the beginning of the year but we decided to get rid of it because it took up so much room. I just used my laptop so there wasn't a problem about where to put a computer....I usually just stored it in my rolling tote because I took it home with me everyday. And, everything else that would have been in a desk I kept in little containers on a book shelf.

Mrs. Wathen said...

I have gone back and forth over the years. When I don't have a desk, my base is usually my reading table with a shelf behind it. The only problem with that is then what you usually pile on your desk makes its way to your reading table...If you are super organized, then GO FOR IT!

The Resourceful Apple

Miss Trayers said...

I didn't have a desk in our old building and I loved it! For me, a desk becomes a place where papers can pile up! :) The new building has them literally built-in, so there was no option. But if I had a choice, I wouldn't have one.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica! I am also planning on not having a desk for the first time next year. I plan on purchasing the following drawer unit: I also plan on making the teacher toolbox and storing that on top of the drawer unit. Another thing I need to store are some files, so I plan on using one of those portable file boxes. I have seen some pretty thin ones at Target. I figure I will keep that in my cabinet because I don't use it that often. I just have some files like our school's field trip policy/process that I need to look at once in awhile. I am not quite sure where I will put my teacher manuals yet, but figure I will find a place once I start setting up my room. Lastly, when the students are not in the room I will work at my small group table. I am glad to hear you are also planning on not having a desk! My desk just becomes I catch-all throughout the day, and then I end up sitting at a student desk to work when the students aren't in the room. It is just taking up valuable space. I will be crossing my fingers for them letting you get rid of your desk! :)

kimmi said...

I have a desk now but didn't have one for years. Mine just ends up collecting things. I am also moving to first grade this year (from second). I am hoping that I can avoid that by letting my helper for the week sit there instead. I say if you can get rid of it, do it! I never missed mine!

Angela said...

I am thinking about doing the same thing! I just am a little scared! Keep posting! I am going to my first grade classroom tomorrow to start trying to put the puzzle together!

Hoppin in First Grade


Jackie said...

When I packed up to move to my new room this year, I asked the janitors to please not take my desk and I left a note on it too! I'm going to try it out! I never sat at my desk and just piled stuff on it! I'm going to try to get more organized this year!

I'll be using a round table for my computer and to work with groups or one-on-one! I have a great little bookcase where I keep my teacher's manuals and I'm also planning on making the teacher toolbox!


Third Grade's A Charm

Mrs. Rios said...

I got rid of my desk a couple years ago. But, I think I'm going to try to get one back this year. I had the same problem as others in that my small group/intervention table became cluttered with my "teacher" things. Love this post to get me thinking about that again.

Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

Anonymous said...

I'm moving from K to 1st this year and am going to miss K so much. I have to switch buildings too which is making it twice as hard :(

Anyways, I've been contemplating ditching my desk this year too. I am moving to a small room and I just don't see how everything will fit.

There are three other teachers on my team and they all use their horseshoe reading table as their "desk" and then have those plastic storage drawers (like from Target) underneath to store things. They have their teacher computer on a nice cart behind the table too.


Anonymous said...

PS: I just realized that you're from Parma and I teach in Mayfield!! So not more than 20 minutes apart.

Lana said...

We have the same idea!! I got rid of my teacher's desk already this summer. It's so big and bulky and takes up so much space! I think the teacher toolbox will be great for storing all the stuff that was in my desk. I won't lie though, when I was unpacking everything about a week ago, I kinda panicked when I saw almost 2 boxes full of desk stuff, thinking OMG where am I gonna put it all?! But it worked out and I think I'll love it!

Lisa R. said...

I opted to give up a teacher's desk a few years ago & won't go back. I use a kidney shaped table to double as my desk & I use it to meet with my guided reading groups. I keep a little table area behind my desk to store organizers & my laptop. It definitely freed up a lot of space & hasn't been a problem for me.
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Unknown said...

I wish I could get rid of my desk! Principal says no! I've thought about just changing it into a center for my kids to use... but I have no idea! That's my toolbox :)) I love it!
Rowdy in Room 300
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Unknown said...

I got permission to get rid of mine! I was so excited! I'm also limiting the number of tables in my room to allow students to either sit formally at a table or informally on the floor or another cozy space.

Kinder Kraziness

Sandy said...

Hi there! I don't have a teacher desk in my classroom. I use a small desk that is pushed into the corner out of the way for all of my prepped stuff (I knew I was going to have to stay super organized and stay on top of all of the papers or this wouldn't work.) And this seems to work for me! Good luck, and let us know what you come up with! :-)

Sandy said...

Hi there! I don't have a teacher desk in my classroom. I use a small desk that is pushed into the corner out of the way for all of my prepped stuff (I knew I was going to have to stay super organized and stay on top of all of the papers or this wouldn't work.) And this seems to work for me! Good luck, and let us know what you come up with! :-)

Amanda Kendall said...

I used to be desk free and it was great! When I moved to my new school they gave me a desk again and I just never got rid of it. Maybe this year is the year to kick it to the curb. Anyway, when I was deskless, I used a big bookshelf and one of those Sterlite plastic drawer things to hold all my stuff. I just put it in a corner of my room. It took up so much less space and I loved it. Plus, it does force you to stay organized because you can't just stack stuff anywhere. Good luck and post pics!

The Teaching Thief

Kelly said...

I haven't had a desk for 14 years and I have never missed it. I have a 2 drawer file cabinet that I store my student files in and then I have a bookcase for teacher guides, etc... I also have one of the rolling carts that I keep by my reading table to keep various supplies in. When I first go rid of it, I had a smalle typing table that I used to kind of keep the stuff I was using during the day. I will admit sometimes my reading table gets cluttered, but most of the time I'm able to keep it clearewd off.

BTW I moved from kdg to 1st 2 years ago. I was lucky, I had a terrific class and I moved up with them. I loved kdg, but I love 1st even more. Hope you do too!
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Susie Q said...

I got rid of my desk last year, and I won't ever need it again! I use my kidney shaped table as my small group instruction area and my desk. Getting rid of the desk has given me so much more room in my class. I think you'll really enjoy not having one in class.

Learning With Susie Q

Unknown said...

Amen Jessica! :) Two things... one... get rid of the desk! Love that idea! I've thought about that before...I just keep pushing that clunky thing all around my room and it just sits there collecting my stuff.

Two... AWESOME pic of your hubby! SOOOO true... everyone needs to read! Thanks again for the shout out... I'm crossing my fingers that more will link up...its been slow going though. :( Thanks for sharing your pic.. very awesome! :)
Tori's Teacher Tips

kim said...

I'm going deskless this year, too! I don't think there is anywhere it can go so I am thinking about "plan B" which is to turn it drawer side to the wall and make it a counter. Perhaps my 3-shelf units (which are the same height) can go on either end. If I cover it with fun fabric (I have fabric with domino print) then it can just hold manipulative trays and boxes of my math file folders.

Jessica said...

I had a teacher desk my 1st year but it was just wasted space. I never sat at it and it just collected junk! So I haven't had one the past 2 years! (We have teacher stations. I will post some pics next week b/c I can start working in my classroom! =)

Unknown said...

See if you can find another teacher in the building who might be willing to take it. I didn't get rid of mine but i replaced it with one that was so much more functional for me from Ikea along with my friend who teaches 2nd. We gave one to the resource room because they were wanting and extra desk and our art teacher also didn't have a "teacher" desk so she was willing to take one too.

❤ -Stephanie
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Katherine Blessings of Teaching said...

I didn't get a rid of my desk this year, but I did push it against the wall to save space. Plus, I don't really use it much anyway. I am going to use it more like a shelf.

Blessings of Teaching

Katie said...

Oh man. I have really been thinking I need to get rid of my desk... I'm just nervous I'm not organized enough yet to have everything out! It sure would open up a lot of extra space in my classroom though! I have virtually no counter space, so if I can figure out a way to create some, I think the desk is going to be a goner. :)

buttersfirstgrade said...

I got rid of my desk towards the end of last year and it really opened up my classroom. I have one small cabinet unit with a counter. I pulled my kidney shaped table in front of the cabinet and now this is my area, plus I have all my stuff right there ready for small groups! I am hoping to put pictures on my blog once I get my room ready! I am soooo glad to have my desk outta there!!

Heather said...

I got rid of my desk. I use a round table in that area that doubles as my small group table.

Tami said...

I got rid of my teacher desk or Winter Break last year and it was the best thing ever! I now use one of those drawer organizers that has 6 or 8 drawers and each drawer is a different color...I am sure you have seen them! It is on wheels. Everything I had in my desk fit nicely in it! I feel much more organized and definitely DO NOT miss my old crusty teacher desk!!

vicky1970 said...

Hi Jessica - I got rid of my teacher desk years ago. I have a small desk from my daughters old bedroom collection at the front of my class covered with fabric that holds my doc camera and mac laptop and that's it. Saves a ton of space. Those district teacher desks are a NIGHMARE!!! LOL
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Tanya Dwyer said...

At my old campus, I did NOT have a desk and LOVED it! It took up so much valuable space...@ my new space, I've been forced to keep it and soooo wish I could get rid of it...

Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

Unknown said...

After 14 years, I looped up with my Kindergarten class 6 years ago and have been in first ever since. You will love it! You think K is a huge year of growth, wait until you see your firsties!
I got rid of my desk at the end of this year and now I have so much more room. I NEVER used it except to store clutter. Post pictures of your new set up as the year begins.

Cialini Chat

Amanda said...

I'm sure you have enough advice on the matter, but I just wanted to express how much happier I am now that my desk is gone! It has given me so much more room. I usually sit at my little kidney table (which I use for small groups), but honestly I never really have time to just sit!! Behind my kidney table I put a bookshelf, my filing cabinet, and a 3 drawer rolling cart. It worked out pretty well. I'm hoping this year to have a place to keep all of my loose papers, so I don't pile them up like I did last year! We'll see. Good luck with yours! And you'll have to let us know what you ended up doing! :) LOVE your read somewhere picture. Turned out awesome :)

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