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Thursday, May 7, 2015
Anyone that knows me will tell you I'm all about convenience. I also like to be consistent, but without convenience it gets hard sometimes, right? This is ALWAYS how a product is born! As I sat grading papers a while ago, I began to wonder how I could make the use of a rubric attached to an assignment easier. In the past I would print out my generic Marzano scaled rubric and staple it to each paper.... now a few of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking, "man this girl can't staple a rubric to each assignment??"

 Well I mean I can and I did, but why?? 
With these Stick It Rubrics all you have to do is print the template for your post-it notes. I have included a top fed printer version....
as well as a landscape version which will work in a side fed printer. (There's nothing worse than a product that only works for 1/2 of the population, right??)
 Once you have chose the template that works for your printer and printed it. It's as easy as applying stickers. Now this can be a tedious task if you are OCD about things being straight like I am, but after a post it or two you will get the hang of it! 
Once all of the post-its are stuck to your template you are ready to print. Now it's important that you know how your printer feeds. Make sure to send through a test paper to see if it prints on the top or the bottom of the paper. There is nothing worse that getting the paper all set up just to find out you printed on the back of the paper. 
Once you have a few sheets printed you are ready to easily grade your assignments! I plan to print out a bunch this summer and have them ready for all of their assignments next year! 

Grab Stick It Rubrics {HERE}
Have you used them in your classroom and would like to share a pic? 
email me {HERE}  

Also Available:
Stick it Rewards!
One sheet available for free, when you download the preview!
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Tchur8 said...

Love this idea! Sure would save some stapling for me as well. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Paul said...

Genius! I love this idea Jessica! Thank you for sharing. :)

Mrs. Wiley said...

I love these rating scales. Thanks for the freebie. I also wanted to say that I love your social media buttons. I haven't seen spinning ones before. Were they hard to make?
@ Wiley Teaching

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